Find your Perfect Property:
How the Best Buyers Agent Can Transform Your Search

Imagine finding your dream property in Australia's competitive real estate market, a journey often uncertain and stressful. Emma, a recent client, found her beacon of hope with Get RARE Properties. 'Before Get RARE, I felt lost in the maze of property hunting, but their expertise turned it into an empowering adventure,' she shares. Whether it's the bustling streets of Sydney or the serene landscapes of regional towns, clients like Emma across Australia are discovering the unparalleled service and success that Get RARE Properties offers.

 Join us as we reveal how the right property buyers agent can be your key to unlocking the door to your perfect property. 

1. Embarking on the Quest: Unleashing the Power of Buyer’s Agents to Buy Property

Demystifying the Buyer's Agent: Pioneers in the Property Markets of Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Beyond

At Get RARE Properties, our buyer's agents are like your personal property scouts, constantly updating their knowledge and techniques to provide you with the best service. Familiar with not just Sydney's dynamic property scene, our agents also excel in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and regional hotspots. Serving as your dedicated buyers advocate, they're your guides, whether you're searching for a home or an investment property in the vast real estate wilderness.
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"Before speaking with Rasti, I had little understanding of property investment. After our sessions, I began to think differently, like an investor. Get RARE Properties Team was always quick to respond and eager to answer my questions."
- Melissa Lo

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The Essential Ally: How a Buyer's Agent Becomes Your Keystone to Purchase Property

Imagine your property buyers agent from Get RARE Properties as a steadfast ally in your property journey. They are more than mere agents; they're your partners in purchasing property. You can rely on them to prioritise your best interests, continually scouting for the most promising properties and negotiating astutely to secure your dream abode.
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2. The Strategic Advantage: Benefits of Using a Buyers Agent in Property Markets of Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and beyond

Before diving into the specifics of our agents' roles, let's first explore the strategic advantages of partnering with Get RARE Properties.
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"Working with Get RARE Properties has been an incredible experience. Their knowledge, professionalism, and dedication to finding the best deals for me have exceeded my expectations."
- Linda

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Expert Insights: Accessing the Best Properties with a Professional Advocate

Choosing Get RARE Properties means you're unlocking a world of expert insights. Offering unique market insights, our buyers' agents provide research reports that might not be available with other agents. Affiliated with Real Estate Institute, we are well-versed in the byways of Sydney, the hidden alleys of Brisbane, and the quaint lanes of Perth. They present you with the finest properties, often those off-market gems, ensuring you're perpetually a step ahead in the game.

Negotiation Prowess: Securing the Right Property at the Right Price by working with Selling Agents

Our unmatched negotiation prowess is one of the many reasons to choose Get RARE Properties. Our agents don't just locate properties; they champion your financial interests and have a proven track record of securing deals that offset their fees. Our acumen extends to dealing with sales agents adeptly, ensuring that your needs lead every discussion. We will always negotiate with selling agents to ensure a fair deal and leave you delighted with the keys to the right property at the right price. Our negotiation aims not only at better prices but unparalleled value. We ensure we find ideal properties that align perfectly with your unique investment goals.

Complexity Simplified: Property Buying with Ease

Deciphering the property market can often feel like solving a complex puzzle. Yet, with a Get RARE Properties buyer's agent, it’s like holding the master key. Your agent streamlines the process, tackles the complexities, and shepherds you through each step, ensuring the journey from property search to purchase is as seamless as sailing on the serene Sydney Harbour. Rest easy knowing your agent will complete all necessary due diligence, ensuring a secure and successful purchase.
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3. The Agent Uncovered: A Deep Dive into the Realm of a Buyers Agent

Having outlined the unique benefits we offer, let's take a closer look at what a day in the life of a Get RARE Properties buyer's agent entails.

Duties and Responsibilities: The Day-to-Day of a Real Estate Agent working for the buyer

Envision a day in the life of a Get RARE Properties buyer's agent, blending Sherlock Holmes' keen eye with The Negotiator's savvy. Our boots-on-the-ground real estate buyers’ agents meticulously inspect properties, perform market analysis, and engage in tough negotiations – all to ensure that you, the buyer, achieve the best possible outcome.
To gain a deeper understanding of property investment strategies, join our regular workshops. These interactive sessions provide valuable insights and firsthand knowledge from our expert team.

Champion of Your Cause: The Buyers Agent as Your Vanguard in the Property Battlefield

At Get RARE Properties, our buyers agents don't just perform a job; unwaveringly, they champion your pursuit of the perfect property. In the property market battlefield, they stand as your vanguard, equipped with insider knowledge, striving to secure the right property at the right price. They are your advocates, ensuring a smooth property purchase, not just buyer's agents. At the core of their expertise is a profound understanding of real estate buyers' needs, and they draw on personal experiences and success stories to provide you with the best service.
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"Rasti showed me an alternative way to build up my portfolio," said Erwin, still amazed by the speed of his journey.
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4. Engaging Your Advocate: To buy Your Dream Home or Investment Property

Understanding the Relationship: What It Means to Have an Agent on Your Side

Selecting a buyer's agent from Get RARE Properties is akin to gaining a steadfast mate in your property journey. This relationship is founded on trust, understanding, and a mutual goal, always keeping your best interests at heart. They're not just agents but your advocates, confidants, and friends in the property journey. With a Get RARE Properties buyer’s agent at your side, you're not just getting someone who understands the journey; you're getting a dedicated partner committed to your long-term success.
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"It's so important to get the right team because the process from start to finish, like even before we select the property, is just so smooth and easy, to be honest with you couldn't be any easier," professed Eddie, reflecting on the smooth journey he experienced.
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Articulating Your Dream: Communicating with Your Buyers Agency

To unearth your dream property, it is crucial to paint your property dreams vividly. It's crucial to engage with your dedicated buyers agency team at Get RARE Properties. Like many buyers, expressing your unique desires is crucial for finding the perfect match. Tell them whether your heart is set on a cosy Sydney home or a savvy Brisbane investment, for example. Herein lies the strength of our bespoke strategic approach, meticulously considering your personal circumstances, financial capacity, risk tolerance, and savings strategy to craft a robust investment plan, thus enabling you to make informed, strategic decisions.
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5. Debunking Myths for Property Buyers

You might wonder if there are misconceptions about using a buyer's agent. Let's debunk some common myths.

Myth: Buyers Agents Are a Luxury Only the Wealthy Afford

Truth: Think buyers agents are only for the affluent? This is far from the case. Whether you're a first home buyer in Sydney, an investor exploring Melbourne's market, or intrigued by the growth potential in regional towns, a buyers agent is an invaluable ally. Personalised solutions are their bread and butter, aligning them with your financial capabilities and goals.
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"I was hesitant at first, but after evaluating their services for almost a year, I was convinced that they were the right choice for my property search," said Misbahul. "It's not about only buying a property, but using that property to build up your portfolio."
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Myth: I Can Find the Same Properties Myself

Truth: While you might find some listings on your own, partnering with Get RARE Properties broadens your horizons. Your access widens to an array of hidden gems, including off-market properties in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or burgeoning regional towns. Their extensive network and insider knowledge open doors to opportunities beyond the standard property search, helping you discover the right property in the right market.

Myth: The Cost Outweighs the Benefit

Truth: Partnering with Get RARE Properties is an investment in your future, not just an expense. With their expertise in negotiation and deep understanding of the property market across various Australian cities and regions, they often secure deals that offset their fees. They save you from potential investment pitfalls, ensuring your property purchase, be it in Sydney or any other area, is a sound one.

Myth: Buyers Agents Don't Really Care About My Interests

Truth: You can be confident that our professional buyers’ agent can save you from pitfalls and is legally and ethically bound to act in your best interest. We thrive on your success and satisfaction, offering unbiased advice and dedicated support. Be it a dream Melbourne home or a strategic regional town investment, they ensure your needs are prioritised every step of the way.


Demystifying these common myths empowers you to make informed decisions with a professional buyers agent by your side. Whether you're looking to buy in a bustling city like Sydney or a growth-oriented regional town, a buyers agent is a partner in your journey towards a prosperous property future. They offer a partnership that’s more than just transactional.  So, what's holding you back? Embrace the opportunity to turn your property aspirations into reality with the expertise and guidance of a trusted buyers agent. Your future in property starts now.
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6. Transforming Your Property Journey: The Buyers’ Agent Advantage

 Envision the Unmatched Value: Your Future Amplified 

Visualise your property consistently outperforming the market, year after year, even by a modest 1-2%. This isn't just about incremental gains; it's about compounding growth over time, transforming your investment into a legacy. Experience the thrill as your vision and our Get RARE Properties expertise converge not just to meet, but exceed, market averages, ensuring a prosperous and secure future. 

Buy Right: Logic Over Emotion

Embark on a property journey where logic reigns supreme and emotion takes a back seat. Wise investing starts with buying right, where every decision is grounded in solid research and expert insight from Get RARE Properties. Feel the surety that blooms from knowing your purchase is more than a property; it's a stepping stone to a brighter future.

Save You from Stress and Time

Reclaim your time and restore your peace of mind. Navigating the complexities with Get RARE Properties, your journey to finding the perfect property is smoother and quicker. Envision the relief and freedom you'll feel, knowing that your most significant investment is in capable hands.

Access to Off-Market Properties

Enter the exclusive realm of off-market properties, teeming with opportunities unseen by most. Our extensive network unveils hidden gems just for you that offer exceptional potential. It's like having a VIP pass to the property market's best-kept secrets.

Expert Negotiation: Save Money, Gain Value

Step into negotiations armed with the expertise of Get RARE Properties, where saving money is just the beginning. We negotiate not just for a better price but for better value, ensuring each pound you invest works harder for you. Investing in a buyers’ agent fees is investing in your property's future, ensuring you gain more than you spend. Feel the satisfaction of knowing that you're not just buying a property but making a smart investment. Investing in our services is a smart choice, as buyers agents will save you more than just money; they'll save you from potential missteps.
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"Get RARE Properties exceeded our expectations as we always got a pleasant surprise concerning the purchase price."
- Raphael

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Buy Quality: Low Risk, High Outperformance

Join us in investing in properties ripe with potential, not just in returns. At Get RARE Properties, our unwavering focus on quality means you're investing in assets that offer low risk and high potential for outperformance. Feel the pride and security of knowing your investment is not just safe but set to soar.
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7. Selecting the Champions: Why We Are Your Vanguard in Property Investment to Find the Right Property

Now that we've explored the benefits and addressed common myths, let's delve into why Get RARE Properties stands out as your ideal property investment partner.

The Founders' Odyssey: Pioneering a New Era in Property Investment

Rasti Vaibhav and Rupali Rastogi's journey from India to Australia is a tale of resilience and transformation. With humble beginnings and the wisdom gained from personal loss and self-taught expertise, they forged a path in IT and finance, only to find their true calling in property investment. Their unwavering quest for real estate wisdom and passion culminated in the founding of Get RARE Properties. Born from a tale of grit and resilience, this venture is to empower others on their property journey. As Sydney buyers’ agents, Rasti and Rupali's expertise is recognised across Australia. Their story is underlined by the successes of clients like Linda Li and Nazia & Misbahul, who have seen transformative results through strategic property investments, echoing the effectiveness of the founders' vision.
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"I quickly realised the missing link in my property journey was a buyer's agent," Rusty  confessed. "I was able to relate to Rasti's journey, and the principles they work on are quite similar to what I always thought."
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The Strategic Path to a Risk-Aware Property Portfolio

At Get RARE Properties, we firmly believe that education is the foundation of our client-centric philosophy. Our dedication goes beyond mere transactions to equip you with a comprehensive understanding of creating a sustainable property portfolio that provides passive income. Fostering a thriving community of savvy investors lies at the heart of our focus. Our team of licensed real estate agents brings their expertise to every aspect of your property journey, ensuring a risk-aware strategy. For an inspiring glimpse into their journeys and our collaborative triumphs, we invite you to explore the success stories featured in the results section of our website. Committed to your growth, we ensure every investment propels you towards prosperity and security.

National Coverage: Your Independent Advocate with Holistic Market Insight

Choosing Get RARE Properties, with our expertise in both residential and commercial real estate, means embracing authentic independence in your property journey. Unlike local agents whose perspectives might be limited, our approach is holistic and data-driven. Our nationwide reach affords us an unparalleled advantage in the property market. Utilising our vast database research and nuanced local insights, we're not just shortlisting your properties; we're guiding you to where you should be investing next. Our unbiased, comprehensive counsel ensures you make the most informed decisions. With us, you gain access to premium properties, hand-picked to match your individual investment strategy and to ensure you seize opportunities with exceptional growth potential.
Further encapsulating our expertise, Rasti has authored an Amazon bestseller on the strategy of building wealth through properties. This book serves as a comprehensive guide for those embarking on their property investment journey.
Discover our best-selling property investment strategies. Get your copy today.

Mission Driven: Our Pledge for Your Property Success

Our mission at Get RARE Properties goes far beyond mere transactions; it's a pledge to stand by you, ensuring you reap the best possible outcomes in your property investment endeavours. We bring to the table our lived experiences, our hard-won knowledge, and an unwavering commitment to see you achieve more than you dared to dream. Each strategy session and workshop is a testament to our dedication to your success.

Giving Back: Empowering Futures - Your Investment, Their Education

As a leading buyer's agency in Australia, our purpose extends well beyond property investment. We believe in creating a ripple effect of positive change, extending our impact far beyond Australia's shores. Our partnership with "So They Can" exemplifies this commitment, allowing us to sponsor children's education in Africa. A portion of our profits directly supports this noble cause. By aligning with us, you're not just making a savvy property decision; you're joining hands with us to support and uplift children who aspire to learn and thrive.
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8. Embracing the Journey with Get RARE Properties

Recapitulating the Journey: The Benefits of Choosing Get RARE Properties

Upholding the highest standards as members of the Real Estate Institute of Australia, we at Get RARE Properties offer unparalleled service. This is reflected in our clients' remarkable benefits. Here's a reminder of the remarkable benefits that our dedicated buyers agency brings to your property quest. With us, you're not just gaining agents; you're gaining long-term partners who are committed to your success in the property market.

  • Expert Insights:  Unlock exclusive access to the best properties, including those elusive off-market properties, through our extensive network and cutting-edge market analysis.

  • Negotiation Prowess:  Ensure you secure a property at the right price with our expert negotiating skills, honed through years of experience and client successes.

  • Complexity Simplified:  Relish a seamless journey as we expertly manoeuvre through the complexities of property buying for you.

  • Your Advocate:  Rest easy knowing you have a committed team whose sole focus is your success. At Get RARE Properties, we build relationships that go beyond a single transaction, offering support and advice for the long haul.

Our dedication extends beyond the successful property purchase. We continue to stand by our clients, offering ongoing support and guidance to ensure their investment continues to thrive.
Get RARE Properties is a member of PIPA, REINSW and REIA

Your Invitation: Join the Get RARE Properties Family

The choice is now yours. In contemplating your next move in the property market, bear in mind that opting for Get RARE Properties is opting for a committed partner who is as invested in your success as you are. Whether it's your dream home or investment property in Sydney, a strategic investment in Brisbane, or an opportunity in Perth's dynamic market, we're here to make it happen. Our commitment to empowering you with the right strategy and insights for your unique situation sets us apart. Client testimonials like those from Linda Li and Nazia & Misbahul stand as testaments to our transformative impact.
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Inspired and ready to act? Together, let's transform your property dreams into tangible realities.

    •  Personalised Strategy and Advice:  Schedule a one-on-one consultation for bespoke advice and strategic planning. It's an opportunity to discuss your personal circumstances, investment goals, and strategies, receiving tailored advice and guidance from the experts at Get RARE Properties.

        • Clarify Your Goals:  Understanding exactly what you want is the first step to achieving it. We help refine your vision and set actionable steps to reach your property aspirations.

        • Empower with Tools and Confidence:  Armed with the right knowledge, you're ready to confidently navigate the property market. Our sessions are designed to equip you with the tools and insights needed to make informed decisions.

        In this tailored session, delve deep into your property investment journey with us. Book your one-on-one consultation today, and one of our property buyers' agent will get in touch promptly to embark on this rewarding journey together. With us, your property dreams are not just a possibility; they're a plan in action.

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        Now, go forth and conquer the property market with confidence, knowledge, and a dedicated team by your side. Choosing us means our agents will help guide you on a path to success, with integrity and a genuine commitment to your success.

        Claim your personalised consultation today, taking the first step towards turning your property dreams into reality. Your journey to success starts here. Embark on a partnership with us and observe as we elevate your property journey from bright to extraordinary.
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