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Buyer's Agent Services

We offer three service options, ranging from complete searches through to negotiation and auction bidding.

Full Buyers Agent Service
Full buyer service involves comprehensive management of the acquisition of the property. This service includes, but not limited to, drafting your goals-aligned strategy, researching and assessing properties for you, and negotiating on your behalf. We offer client support throughout the purchasing process. This support includes organising building and pest inspections, strata reports, pool safety certificates, engineering reports, assisting with removal companies. For your investment properties, we can even help you assess which rental manager to hire and what to look for in a quality manager and help in selecting tenants. This comprehensive service also offers a periodic review to assess your portfolio. Please refer to the detailed process that we follow at Get RARE Properties.

Negotiating Only
You may have already ascertained properties that you are intrigued in but don't feel comfortable enough to conduct bargaining. We can assist you with this by dealing with all negotiations between real estate agents or private sellers.

Auction Representation Only
Success at an auction is not just about bidding and paying the highest price on the day. We have seen numerous time how bidders tend to overbid in the flow of their emotions. We will conduct due diligence to know the intrinsic value of the property and tactfully work to secure your property at the best price on auction day.

Buyer's Agent Fee Structure

Our fixed fees for the "Full Buyer Service" are between 1.5% to 3.0% of the purchase price (i.e. the flat fee equivalent), with a minimum cap.

For the Negotiation and Auction services, the fixed fees are under 1%.

We charge a fixed compensation that applies to each price band. We prefer a fixed fee schedule as we do not want any perception of bias in the way we negotiate for clients. An initial retainer fee also referred to as an engagement fee is payable upfront. The success fee is payable once the property is secured (unconditionally exchanged). Total cost is inclusive of the initial retainer fee.
Engaging us will not only give you greater confidence and save you a significant amount of time but also gets you a professional negotiator on your side. This engagement can effectively mean peace of mind and net savings.
If you'd like a specific obligation-free quote for your circumstances, feel free to contact us.
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