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Why do I need training?
The first lesson in the world of investments is to never invest in anything you don't understand. We believe education is the key, and we want you to be an informed investor.

Rupali Rastogi and I are happy to share our Get RARE Properties Training Program launch.
Thanks to Corrina Lindby by from The Answer is Yes to help Get RARE Properties to achieve another milestone, to launch a training program to:
i) inspire you to live life with passion, by
ii) building wealth through properties systematically.

We all dream of being financially well off, but many do not know where to start. The program will help you understand and make you work on your step by step guide to achieve the life you desire.

Challenges to Smart Property Investing

Most people get stuck in the nine-to-five grind and are unable to accomplish their financial goals as they lack the property investment tips and property investment techniques because they:

  1. Don’t have a clear starting point
  2. Lack confidence to invest in property
  3. Trade their time for money and work each day to pay off debts
  4. Lack the time and resources to do research and due diligence
  5. Can’t effectively negotiate with the Sales Agent, or
  6. Think it’s too hard to build wealth through property investment.

This course will help you overcome all these hurdles and more as I take the stress out of investing in residential property by sharing my experiences and expertise with you.

This Real Estate Investment Course provides you a step-by-step guide for building a robust property portfolio that will generate passive income and allow you to live the life you desire.

What Will You Achieve?

At the conclusion of this course, you will create your own personal blueprint for property wealth, receiving guidance akin to what you'd receive from a Property Portfolio Strategist or Buyer’s Advisor. Throughout our Property Investment Program, you'll grasp proven stress-free methods to amplify your wealth and optimise your hard-earned money's potential. You'll master the art of constructing a diversified property portfolio, designed to yield passive income year after year, accelerating your journey towards financial freedom.

Additionally, our Real Estate Investment Investing Classes will provide insights into developing a positively geared rental property portfolio, capable of providing a substantial annual income. This knowledge empowers you to break free from the conventional 'nine-to-five grind' and achieve greater financial independence.

Setting a precise and personalised strategy to build a risk-aware property portfolio
Having a relevant team in place to help you build your property portfolio.
Ensuring that you buy the right properties, at the right locations and for the right price

Are you eager to build wealth through investment in property for accomplishing your lifestyle goals?

Rasti Vaibhav
Liscensed Buyer's Agent

Meet Your Host, Rasti Vaibhav
Rasti Vaibhav is a Licensed Buyer's Agent, Property Strategist, Long-Term Property Investor and Founder of Get RARE Properties, an independent Buyers Agency. He specialises in helping home buyers and investors buy the right property at the right location for the right price.

Rasti is a first-generation Indo-Australian who arrived in Australia in 2006 with an empty pocket. Hailing from a middle-class family with humble beginnings, he realised that education was the key to stepping up and received competent education, including a B.Arch, an M.Comp, an MBA and the coveted CFA. Rasti used his background and experience to develop a strategic approach to property investing. He built my 15 properties portfolio in 7 years, setting him up in the direction of Financial Freedom.

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