A Journey into Property Investment:

Eddie Tchigique's Transformational Tale

In the vibrant epicentre of our city, where majestic skyscrapers etch an awe-inspiring panorama of urban elegance and life pulsates with an endless rhythm, Eddie found himself ensnared in the elaborate enigma of property investment. His initial journey was shrouded in fear and scepticism, feelings so profound they were nearly tangible.
Eddie's own words capture the essence of these sentiments, "If I talk about our journey when we started, I was scared, sceptical. And to be honest with you, when I look back now, it's because of the lack of education and understanding of the whole piece."

Rasti: The Architect of Dreams

At this crucial junction, Rasti emerged — not as a mere corporate entity dealing in real estate but as a visionary architect of dreams. Endowed with an adept team and a vast reservoir of knowledge, they were the antidote to Eddie's apprehensions.
Reflecting on this precious partnership, Eddie professed, "It's so important to get the right team because the process from start to finish, like even before we select the property, is just so smooth and easy, to be honest with you couldn't be any easier."

Property Investment: The Key to the Future

Eddie was lucid about his goal: "We wanted to invest for our future," he said, accentuating the paramount role of property investment in his grand scheme for the future. "And property is one of those things that you can leverage quite extensively from it and therefore whatever capital you've got can go a lot further than anything else, whether it's shares or other investments."

The Power of Expert Guidance

Under Rasti's skilled navigation, Eddie embarked on his journey through the labyrinth of property investment. They furnished him with exhaustive reports on prospective properties, enabling him to make informed decisions.
"When we got a few properties forwarded to us, obviously that came through with a pretty lengthy report. From my perspective, I'm an accountant, so I'd like to have a look at the numbers and what's behind the facts and the data and the stats and everything else," Eddie revealed.
 Property 1: Settled Purchase in WA
Eddie's off-market property is located in the WA Growth Region. The 4 Bedroom Brick Home was purchased at $600,000, providing a phenomenal rental yield of 5.40%.
"The importance is a hundred percent. You gotta have the right team behind you for sure. Again, it's such an expensive journey. As much as it's the bank's money, it's still yours to repay," he emphasised.

The Transformation: From Fear to Empowerment

Eddie's transformative journey stands as a shining endorsement of Rasti's unwavering dedication to his clients whom he happily calls ‘Get RARE Family members’. His experience illuminates their mastery and commitment. Eddie's fear of not succeeding had metamorphosed into empowerment, into knowledge.
"Get the team, get the education, and then the fear will definitely go away," Eddie urged, his voice softening as he recollected his metamorphosis.

The Power of Expert Guidance

In Eddie's perception, Rasti transcended the confines of a traditional property company. They transformed into his team, his mentors, and his compass in the tumultuous seas of property investment. However, this isn't merely Eddie's narrative; it exemplifies Rasti's pledge to empower each of their clients with knowledge, assurance, and a property that aligns perfectly with their needs. This transformative voyage isn't exclusive to Eddie; it awaits you too.
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