Linda Li's Inspiring Property Investment Journey with Get RARE Properties

Situation: Seeking Expert Guidance to Build a Property Portfolio

Linda Li, a successful economist, was determined to make the most of her $120k in equity and $100k in cash. She sought expert guidance to build a property portfolio to provide her financial security and freedom.
"I needed a team who could find the best deals and navigate the complexities of the property market," Linda recalls.

Action: Get RARE Properties' Tailored Approach to Property Investment

Linda partnered with Get RARE Properties, an independent buyers agency that took a personalised approach to her property investment journey. They worked together to identify and acquire three high-growth properties with impressive rental yields and potential for capital appreciation.
"Get RARE Properties made it easy to invest in the right properties, and their expertise in negotiation helped me secure fantastic deals," Linda shares.
Property Brief and Results
Total equity built up: $601k
Property 1: High-Growth 4-Bedroom Home in NSW
The first property was a neat, tidy 4-bedroom brick-and-tile home in NSW. It had a gross rental yield of 5.86% - 6.01% and was purchased for $417k, significantly below the comparable sales price of $475k. This gave Linda an upfront equity of $58k. In just 29 months, the property's value had grown to $705k, giving her an equity growth of $288k.
Linda enthuses, "I couldn't believe I was getting such a high-quality property with positive cash flow and inbuilt equity!"
Property 2: Low-Maintenance 3-Bedroom Home with Granny Flat Potential in QLD
 The second property was a low-maintenance, 3-bedroom brick home in Regional QLD. It featured a renovated bathroom and kitchen, massive side access, and granny flat potential. With a rental yield of 6.07% and a negotiated price of $317.2k, Linda gained equity of $163k in 26 months. 
"I love that this property not only provides a positive cash flow but also has the potential for a granny flat to further boost my income," says Linda. 
Property 3: Modern 4-Bedroom Home in a Regional NSW Growth Corridor
 The third property was a modern, low-maintenance 4-bedroom brick home built in 2017 in a regional NSW growth corridor. With a rental yield of 4.65% and a vacancy rate of 0.5%, Linda purchased the property for $470k. In just 21 months, she had gained an equity growth of $150k. 
"This property has been a great addition to my portfolio. The low vacancy rate and strong rental demand make it a fantastic long-term investment," Linda explains.

Result: Achieving Equity Growth, Confidence, and Financial Freedom

With Get RARE Properties' expert guidance, Linda Li has built a property portfolio that has generated significant equity growth, bolstered her confidence in property investment, and set her on the path to financial freedom.
"I couldn't be happier with my investment journey. Get RARE Properties has been instrumental in helping me achieve my financial goals," she says.
By working with Get RARE Properties, Linda has created a diverse portfolio of properties that provide her with a steady cash flow and have significant potential for further appreciation. The combination of high rental yields, capital growth, and strategic property selection has set her up for long-term success in the property market.

Linda's Testimonial: Get RARE Properties

The Independent Buyers Agent You Can Trust

"Working with Get RARE Properties has been an incredible experience. Their knowledge, professionalism, and dedication to finding the best deals for me have exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking to build a successful property portfolio. They are the independent buyer's agent you can trust." - Linda

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