From Property Investment Fears to Financial Independence:

Kate and Raphael's Success Story with Get RARE Properties

Discover how partnering with Get RARE Properties helped Kate, an accountant, and Raphael, a software engineer, transform their property investment journey, overcoming fears and securing their financial future.

Overcoming Property Investment Fears

Kate, an accountant, and Raphael, a software engineer, had always hesitated to invest in property, fearing they might make a costly mistake. Despite having $150k in equity and $90k in cash, they needed guidance navigating the complex world of property investment.

"I've been afraid of making a big (costly) mistake when buying a property. I preferred not to invest in properties for many years." - Raphael

Finding the Right Support

Their journey took a turn when they met Rasti Vaibhav from Get RARE Properties through the Tony Robbins Network. After attending an investment readiness session and discussing their goals, Kate and Raphael partnered with Rasti and Rupali to embark on their property investment journey.
"It was a great decision to work with the team and to work on the personalised Property Wealth Blueprint. It saved us lots of time, painful mistakes, and money." - Kate
Working closely with Get RARE Properties, Kate and Raphael developed a personalised Property Wealth Blueprint. The team guided them through every step of the process, from property search and due diligence to negotiations and contractor management.

Achieving Financial Independence

In just 8 months, Kate and Raphael managed to purchase three investment properties that aligned perfectly with their portfolio and risk appetite. The Get RARE Properties team consistently delivered pleasant surprises regarding the purchase price, exceeding Kate and Raphael's expectations.
"Get RARE Properties exceeded our expectations as we always got a pleasant surprise concerning the purchase price." - Raphael
With the support of Get RARE Properties, Kate and Raphael conquered their fears and took significant steps towards financial independence. Their property investment journey has become stress-free, and they are excited to continue building their portfolio.
"Get RARE Properties supported our property investment goal to become financially independent and made us feel confident that our future is bright! We sat with Rasti and booked an investment readiness session talking about our long-term aspirations; my goals became more precise." - Kate
Property Brief and Results
Total equity built up: $219k
Property 1: NSW
  •  Secured at $470k in Sep'21 with a discount of ~$40k
  • Current value: $580k
  • Equity gained in 21 months: $110k 
Property 2: WA (Off-Market Listing)
  •  Secured at $448k in Apr'22 with a discount of ~$17k
  • Current value: $480k
  • Equity gained in 13 months: $32k 
Property 3: QLD
  •  Secured at $468k in Apr'22 with a discount of ~$30k
  • Current value: $545k
  • Equity gained in 13 months: $77k 
Client Testimonial
Read Kate and Raphael's Google Review for Get RARE Properties to authenticate their story.

Additionally, their success story has been featured on

"Thank you, Rasti and Rupali, for taking all the complexity of investing in property away from us (from finding the right properties, due diligence, negotiations, and contractors). Keep doing a FANTASTIC job. And know that you are creating an impact and changing lives." - Raphael
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