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 Why Us 
Searching for the right property takes a considerable amount of time, with time being one of your most precious assets. Many of our clients are busy professionals and understand the need to leverage their time. We do all the legwork and present a shortlist of suitable properties for you to inspect.

We have extensive property experience in the areas of property purchasing and negotiation. You can be assured that the people negotiating and securing properties on your behalf are well informed on market trends and values.

At Get RARE Properties, we help you:

Save Time

We help you save time by searching for and analysing properties on your behalf. Having someone do this for the buyer often results in a more efficient and faster outcome.
The average property buyer typically takes 6 to 12 months to get to know the local market, find properties and eventually secure one. By this time, in a rising market, the delay may have seen prices rise over 10%. Even with all the latest apps and online tools, it still takes time to vet the vast array of options and work out what is worth inspecting. With a qualified buyers' agent on your side, this process can take as little as 30 days.

Buy Right

Whether you are buying a home or an investment property, selecting the right location is paramount for your success. We have access to the latest research and statistics to help you pinpoint the best areas for long term capital growth. There is a precise science behind property investing and sticking to the fundamental drivers of population growth, employment opportunities, and infrastructure growth means you can optimise your investment decision making.

We remove the guesswork and provide you with the opportunity to maximise your returns.

Save Stress

Don’t let emotions cloud your judgment. Let a professional deal with the agents. Research has shown that selling agents rank poorly on the trust scale of professionals (doctors at the top, car salesman and real estate agents on the bottom). Using an experienced and licensed buyers’ agent means you never have to deal with real estate agents. Underquoting is a common practice that is causing incredible frustration to many buyers. As a skilled buyers' agent, we will be able to ascertain if it is a realistic price. You will get the truth about the market, the property, and what needs to be done to buy it successfully, without the selling agent knowing that you are emotionally attached.

Discover Off-Market Properties

We can uncover the other 40% of properties sold on the quiet. With an extensive network of agents at our disposal, we can get access to new listings before they hit the open market. Some vendors prefer to sell without listing and avoid the hassle of inspections or avoid marketing fees. Privacy and discretion are the other reasons for property vendors choosing this method of sale. Sales agents prefer dealing with buyer's agents as we present a qualified buyer ready to buy.
Save Money
We will be able to save you a lot of money. As we are in the business of buying properties regularly, we are proficient at negotiating. You will be protected from making an emotional purchase as we will negotiate objectively on your behalf. Negotiating is an art, especially when dealing with real estate agents. Selling agents have lots of tricks and tactics to use on unsuspecting buyers. We will be able to level the playing field and give you the upper hand in negotiations as we know the property market values intimately.
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