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You’re worried about how you can cope with further rent increases, mortgage payments on your home or the rising cost of living.

You’re not alone!

Consumer sentiment has fallen to a 30-year low as more Australians are worried about their salaries not keeping up with rising costs. The rising cost of living will only get worse before it gets better. We don’t know how long it’ll go on for - something we can’t control. But what we can control is the action we take in our finances.

Those who take a proactive approach to manage their finances will come out ahead of the majority who take a pray and hope approach and leave their financial future to chance.
Do you know that the Top 1% of property investors
make money in any market? You want to know HOW?
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Address: United Global Capital, Level 33, 360 Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC 
Time: 27th July, Wednesday, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Speakers: Rasti Vaibhav & Matthew Mok
Guest Speaker: Joshua Lane, Senior Financial Advisor

What you’ll learn from this LIVE in-person workshop:
Know how to invest money
at times of uncertainty 
Gain clarity on what mistakes
to avoid at this stage of the property cycle
Take advantage of the
in this market
What Can You Do NOW?

Historically, during times of high inflation and rising inflation, investors generally move their money from speculative assets like shares and crypto into safe real assets such as real estate and gold.

We’ll likely see real estate prices hold up firmly; savvy investors willing to go against the crowd and invest will be rewarded.

Join us on this LIVE in-person property investment workshop as we break down the Get RARE Model, which gives you a tested strategy to help you build a robust property portfolio allowing you to generate passive income.

Whether you want to build a profitable property portfolio or create wealth in preparation for your retirement, this FREE workshop will give you valuable insights, tips and tricks on how to do it systematically and strategically.

Attend this LIVE in-person workshop to learn how to relieve yourself
from the rat race of a nine-to-five job and live on your own terms.
Rasti Vaibhav
Licensed Independent Buyers Agent
About The Host
Rasti Vaibhav, is a Licensed Buyer's Agent, Property Specialist, a Long-Term Property Investor and Founder of Get RARE Properties. He specialises in helping home buyers and investors buy the right property at the right location for the right price.

Rasti is an Architect. His qualifications enable him to appreciate the qualifications enable to appreciate the quality and value of good designs and attributes. Pursuing his passion for making money work harder, he later switched his career into the Finance Industry. he served banks for ten years as an Investment Analyst / Portfolio Manager in the Asset Management Industry. The Research role helps him comprehend the fundamental drivers of the market and valuable experience of designing investment strategies with an eye on effective risk management.

As a result of active involvement in the real estate industry, Rasti also has access to many off-market properties. As an investor himself who has built a portfolio in excess of $5m in 7 years, Rasti has found the buyer is under-represented, often wrongly relying on sales agents for support and guidance.
Our proven Get RARE model is now helping our clients create true wealth through building a robust property portfolio. For example:

Raphael and Kate are a newly wedded couple who has built a $2.2m portfolio in just 8 months using my system. Their portfolio is autonomous and doesn’t affect their lifestyle. They have been featured on the news.

Linda is an economist who has built a portfolio of 3 properties in just 9 months and is on her way to building a $5m portfolio. Her third purchase with us alone is up by 32%. With 10% deposit, it means she quadrupled her money.

Nick is an IT professional who has built a portfolio of 3 properties in 8 months and is buying his 4th property. His first property has given him equity above $80k.

Sweta is a working professional who built her property portfolio of 3 properties in 10 months. She has seen a lot of growth from her ~5% yielding properties.

And many more...

If you’re looking for a way to profit from rising interest rates and high inflation through the property, Get RARE model may help you too. Sometimes, not taking action on investing in real estate and anything in general results from a lack of education. The success path is investing in your financial education and growing your income by becoming an informed property investor to boost your wealth with the right strategy. 

Join Us In Our FREE In-Person Melbourne Workshop!
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