"Education is the key to breaking the poverty cycle."

Change a child's future
When you empower people through education everything changes. To do this effectively, we need to focus on the welfare of the child, the empowerment of women, and the health, well-being and engagement of the communities we work with. When children step inside the classroom, their entire world opens up.
100 million children in Africa are not in school.

So They Can was founded in 2009 in response to the 2007 Kenyan election violence. It was born to deliver on a direct request from this community: ‘We need a school for our children- an education is the only inheritance we can give them’. So They Can is a registered charity in New Zealand, Australia and Kenya.

Get RARE Properties is proud to be an official sponsor of So They Can, helping them raise donations for their programs.
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Step 1: Go to https://www.sotheycan.org/donate/.

Step 2: Chose the amount of money you would like to donate.

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So They Can
So They Can is a not for profit organisation committed to empowering children living in poverty through education.
...because every child matters. 
Their mission is to work with local communities and governments to provide quality education to children living in poverty in communities in Africa. They will achieve this through improved learning conditions, teacher training and development, child well being, women’s empowerment and community engagement and health.

Learn More at: https://www.sotheycan.org

Quality education: the key
to breaking the poverty cycle

Did you know that over 100 million children in Africa are not in school?

As we invest in our future to achieve financial freedom, let us also help African children invest in their future and transform their lives. Together, let us give back through the power of education. Education is the driver for sustainable change.
Thank you so much, Cassandra, CEO of So They Can share her journey. We are pleased to have come across 'So They Can', whose mission is to work with local communities and governments to provide quality education to children living in poverty in African societies. So They Can is a not-for-profit organisation that believes empowering communities through quality education is the key to breaking the poverty cycle.
Our support today will surely help children who need it the most. We at Get RARE Properties are proud to be a corporate sponsor of So They Can. Thank you Munzurul for the kind introduction.

Together, let us step forward by giving back and make a difference by investing in people, especially our children, because every child matters.

Let's start making a difference.

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