Navigate the SMSF Property Landscape: From Basics to Buying
Journey through the world of Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF) property investment. Harness unparalleled insights and turn every learning into tangible property success stories.
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 Why Invest in Property through SMSF? 
  • A chance to diversify your portfolio with Australian SMSF property investments, exploring the benefits of SMSF property investment.
  • Uncover tax-efficient strategies, often hidden in mainstream investment channels, and learn about the SMSF property investment strategy.
  • Opportunities for capital growth and consistent rental income.
  • Direct control over your retirement's financial landscape.
What Awaits You Inside?
Tax Brilliance: Decipher tax intricacies and exploit the SMSF property investment benefits.
Strategic Choices: Align properties with your investment goals, employing a robust SMSF property strategy.
Team Play: Collaborate seamlessly with financial experts to realise your investment vision, and receive SMSF property investment advice.
Comprehensive Insights: Navigate the nuances of Australian SMSF property rules and essential compliance.
Balancing Act: Understand the rewards and risks of SMSF property investments.
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 Gaining Insights from SMSF Stalwarts 
The Power of Expertise
Rasti Vaibhav and the Get RARE Properties team stand as your compass in the vast SMSF property ocean. Benefit from decades of expertise, strategic insights, and a commitment to your success. Rasti’s acclaimed book, "The Property Wealth Blueprint", is your companion in this journey. This isn't just a masterclass; it's a legacy of wisdom.

Masterclass Highlights:
More than information, we offer transformation. By the conclusion, you’ll strategise with the acumen of an experienced investor powered by expert insights and the latest investment strategies.
Property Strategist and Buyer's Agent
 Your Personalised SMSF Blueprint 

Beyond theory, we offer actionable insights:

  • Explore the Australian SMSF arena, its challenges, and potential.
  • Tap into expert strategies for maximum SMSF property tax benefits.
  • Conquer regulatory nuances for both commercial and residential properties. 
Architecting Financial Tomorrow: Wealth. Growth. Assurance.

Step into a future sculpted by informed decisions. The vibrant realm of Self-managed Super Fund Property property investment, rich with opportunities, awaits. Backed by our expertise, see your dreams evolve into tangible assets, consistent rental income streams, and a fortified financial future.

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 Dive Deeper: "The Property Wealth Blueprint" 
The world of SMSF property investment is vast, and navigating it requires a guide. Seize the chance to delve into Rasti Vaibhav's comprehensive guide by joining our masterclass. This treasure trove of insights, tailored for the discerning Australian investor, is your ticket to mastery.
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 Mark Your Calendars 
Dates: 12th Jun, Wed
              3rd Jul, Wed

Time: 7 pm - 8:30 pm (Syd time)

Location: Online (via Zoom)  

Get Ready to Unleash Your Investment Potential!
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Dive deeper into the world of SMSF Property Mastery. We’re here to ensure that every query, every uncertainty, is addressed. Let’s get you fully informed.
 About the Masterclass: 
This comprehensive session dives deep into the Australian SMSF property investment scene, highlighting the regulatory norms, benefits and risks, tax implications, property selection strategies, and effective collaboration techniques.

The session is highly interactive, incorporating both theoretical knowledge and real-world insights. We urge attendees to switch on their cameras for a richer, more engaging experience.

Rasti Vaibhav, an authoritative figure in the Australian property investment landscape, will be your guide. With decades of experience and proven expertise, Rasti ensures that attendees not only learn but internalise the wisdom of the industry.

Apart from the unrivalled expertise of Rasti, our masterclass is not just about imparting knowledge but about empowering attendees. It's tailored, comprehensive, and set to make you think, act, and strategize like a pro.

 Benefits & Opportunities: 
Yes, attendees will have access to essential resources and stand a chance to win "The Property Wealth Blueprint". Additionally, some attendees might get an opportunity for a personalised session with Rasti.

Absolutely! We have thriving communities on LinkedIn, YouTube, and Facebook. These platforms offer rich content, discussions, and networking opportunities with fellow investors and enthusiasts.

 Further Interactions & Queries: 
While we will touch upon our offerings, our prime focus is to impart valuable insights into SMSF property investing. The choice to engage further rests with the attendees.

Definitely! We have strong affiliations with various professionals in the property, finance, and related domains. If needed, we can facilitate introductions post the session.

You can directly reach out to us at Our team is always ready and eager to assist.

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Please note that the information provided on this website and in our masterclass is purely educational. Before making any decisions based on this content, we advise seeking professional advice tailored to your unique financial situation and goals.
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