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Do Not Invest In a Property Until You Read This
12 Critical Points For First Time Property Investors

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Do Not Invest In A Property Until You Read This

12 Critical Points For First Time Property Investors

Have you been saving money for a while and trying to figure out your next steps after listening to success stories and some horror stories?

Feeling not-so-sure is only apparent given the stakes are high. In the current environment of low-interest rates and Government incentives certainly builds a case of investing in properties. All we read in the media is about how hot the market is and how the properties are selling far above their reserve prices. How do we tread through this and make more conscious and informed decisions?

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to property investing. Property investing, like any other investment vehicle, needs a tailored approach. You need to identify and assess your needs, goals and circumstances to meet your aspirations.

Having said that, some must-knows can be applied to make your investment journey a success.

This guide demystifies the 12 Must-Knows associated with the first time property investors and more importantly, helps them to understand what all to think before starting their journey.

Rasti Vaibhav

Licensed Buyer's Agent

 Meet the Author, Rasti Vaibhav 
Rasti Vaibhav is a Licensed Buyer's Agent, Property Strategist, Long-Term Property Investor and Founder of Get RARE Properties, an independent Buyers Agency. He specialises in helping home buyers and investors buy the right property at the right location for the right price.

Rasti is a first-generation Indo-Australian who arrived in Australia in 2006 with an empty pocket. Hailing from a middle-class family with humble beginnings, he realised that education was the key to stepping up and received competent education, including a B.Arch, an M.Comp, an MBA and the coveted CFA. Rasti used his background and experience to develop a strategic approach to property investing. He built my 15 properties portfolio in 7 years, setting him up in the direction of Financial Freedom.

Rasti loves helping people grow their wealth and believes every household can improve its financial position through better money management, planning and meticulous investment execution. Many families he works with are on their way to achieving financial independence.
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